Trending: Off Hues


Whatever happened to the concept of colour matching?  That age old styling rule guide that had our grandmother’s smiling and the savvy fashion industry promoting our endless search (both in labour and expense) for the perfect coordinating hues. Aka a red lip to match a red shoe. A green scarf to pick up a green skirt.

But leading on from Phoebe Philo’s alternate colour palette that’s seen murky shades like maroon, rust and olive successfully paired with oranges, nudes and cobalt blues, these few past there’s been a colour revolution brewing as we’ve also come to appreciate the skill involved in teaming slightly off-kilter hues.

The best way to make sure that you don’t go too off piste? Mix them back with a wardrobe staple like denim or military fatigues – just as Laura Bailey and Dasha Zhukova do here. These clothing archetypes give a grounding to any otherwise experimental colour plays.

Moving away from solitary Pop-hues, refeshingly it’s now the secondary shades that are heating up fashion’s autumn colour wheel.