It Appeal: Kane Kool


There’s often an admirable awkwardness to the work of Christopher Kane. From his crazy colour combinations to his pairings of fabrications that we’d forgotten from our youths.

The Scot’s collections are always a walk down memory lane, albeit fused with a completely new perspective. And he’s once again hit the nail on the head with his latest resort collection that begins by merging a retro Royal Tenenbaums-esque leopard print that later turns fluro club ki. – signature Kane.

Next up: sportif Sci-fi silhouettes and a dash of boudoir lace. A right old mash up, but a good one at that. Not that he’s quite finished with the intrigue: cue Cristóbal Balenciaga era sculpted little black dresses, finished with a dainty brooch, despite missing their middles, before his denim Daisy Dukes are embroidered with Hippy blooms. Like we said, go your own way, just like Mr Kane.