It Appeal: Shrimps’

Pyjama party


For spring/summer 2015 Shrimps designer Hannah Weiland was thinking “Part Pleasantville, part Flintstones” when it came to the set design of her London Fashion Week show, which took inspiration from the Bedrock-like architecture of Frenchman Jacques Couëlle.

The cartoon connection continued in the plush textures of her faux stingray and jaguar print that updated her signature boxy chubby, gillet and biker jacket, as her fluffy clutches were finished with an oversized pearl detailing. Just as brilliant was the addition of a silk pyjamas collaboration with brand Poplin given the spring season. While also new to the Shrimps mix were Weiland’s fetching faux fur heels – thanks to another pairing with fellow Londoner Sophia Webster. The only problem is having to wait until February for her first furry delivery.